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Dwayne McKie

Aspiring Front End Web Developer

North Potomac, MD


H 301-840-0994

C 240-805-2045

Ultimate Goal: Front-end Web Design Certification

Ultimate Goal: Front-end Web Design Certification


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  • PowerBuilder
  • SAS
  • Statistics

About Me

A little bit about me...

Franklin Dwayne McKie is my name. After a number of years away from the IT industry, as a career, I recently decided to get back into it. After random encounters with friends, I concluded that learning about the current state of Front End Web Design would be one way to return to the IT industry. A lot of things have changed since I wrote HTML code, in 1998, for a project in graduate school. I am very fortunate to have made this decision!!!

Hobbies - Interests

I played the clarinet and bass clarinet for nearly 10 years (ES/MS/HS) in the HS Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Orchestra. Also, I worked in the music retail industry for nearly 5 years. With a focus on Electronic and Dance music, I was able to give customers a wide-range of music to listen and purchase.

In HS, I played varsity baseball for 2 years. Also, I played Freshman basketball.

I have traveled along the East Coast, Deep South, California, Canada, and Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland).


Montgomery College (Workforce Development & Continuing Education)
June 2019 - current

Front End Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaSCript, jQuery, XML/JSON/AJAX, Responsive Web Design)

Java For Web Development (Spring Boot & Security, HTML, CSS3, SQL, Java)

Intro & Advanced Data Analytics Bootcamps (Python via Jupyter, Tableau Data Visualization Software)

Keller Graduate School of Management
Graduated June 2007

Project Management

Master's Degree

Howard University
Graduated December 1995

Computer-based Information Systems

Bachelor's Degree (B.B.A.)

Front-End Web Development Certification Courses

HTML5 and CSS3
Summer 2019

Learning Goals:

  • Have a better understanding of the rules on how to write and use code to create web pages
  • Learn how better stylize web pages

Learning Results:

  • Obtained knowledge about HTML5 code.
  • Created and edited web pages using HTML5 code.
  • Understanding how CSS3 code works with HTML5 code.
  • The ability to write CSS3 code to stylize a web page.
  • Learned how to place web design program code onto a remote Web Server.

HTML projects     
CSS3 projects
JavaScript and jQuery
Summer 2019

Learning Goals:

  • Learn how to make a web page more interactive
  • Learn how to use tested code for easier use and less coding
  • Understand how jQuery works

Learning Results:

  • Gained knowledge about how JavaScript can make a web page more interactive.
  • Gained knowledge about where JavaScript code can be placed within a web page program.
  • Writing JavaScript code within a web page/site.
  • Learned how jQuery can replace a large number of lines of JavaScript code.
  • Learned about the many jQuery repositories.
  • Use of jQuery to create web pages.
  • Created a personal page/program using jQuery.

JS projects     
JQuery projects
Fall 2019

Learning Goals:

  • Learn more about eXtensible Markup Langugue (XML)
  • Learn more about JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Learn how to create XML files
  • Learn how to create JSON files

Learning Results:

  • Better understanding about XML
  • Better understanding about JSON
  • Created a JSON and a XML file

XML projects
Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Fall 2019

Learning Goals:

  • Learn about RWD and how it works
  • Learn about the many RWD Frameworks
  • Create a web page using the Bootstrap Framework
  • Create a web page using the w3.CSS Framework

Learning Results:

  • Understanding why RWD is necessary with the many devices used to access the Internet
  • Learned about the multitude of the available Frameworks
  • Using a RWD Planning Worksheet to speed the process of creating a webpage/website
  • Developed a RWD website using the Bootstrap Framework.
  • Developed a RWD website using w3.CSS Framework.

RWD projects