My Journey

I started my career as a successful artist which was fulfilling while I was raising my children along with supporting my husband's HVAC business.

I pursued a successful career in Real Estate and further enhanced my career by joing Commercial Real Estate Developers, Buchanan Partners, which I am currently the Bonds, Permits & Regulatory Compliance Manager. I have recently taken a new task to showcase our property developments though web design.

My Goals

Looking forward to earning Front-End Web Development Certification to advance my career by developing and maintaing our company's website.

Front End Certification

Front-End Web Development Certification

A front end web developer implements web designs through three primary coding languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The code they write runs inside the user’s browser (as opposed to a back end developer, whose code runs on the web server).
Front end web developers are also called “client-side developers” to distinguish them from back end developers who program what goes on behind the scenes like databases.

Following are the courses needed to obtain Front-End Web Development Certification.

Please click on the links below to view my completed courses and certifications:

HTML5 & CSS3 Accomplishments


This couse covered the following:

  • Setting Up Development Environment
  • Using HTML to Structure a Webpage
  • HTML Syntax, Coding, Testing & Validating a Webpage
  • How to Code and Use CSS for Page Layout
  • Working With CSS to do Links, Forms, Lists and Navigation Menus
  • Adding Audio & Video
  • Fonts & Printing
  • How to use CSS Transitions, Transforms, Animations & Filters
  • How to Debug a Webpage

JavaScript-jQuery Accomplishments


This couse covered the following:

  • JavaScript Events, Objects & Functions
  • Testing & Debugging JavaScript
  • How to work with Numbers, Strings, Arrays & Dates
  • How to work with Browser Objects, Cookies & Web Storage
  • Using Links, Images & Timers
  • JQuery Basics
  • How to Use JQuery Library
  • Effects & Animations
  • Forms and Data Validation
  • JQuery Plugins & UI Widgets

XML/JSON/AJAX Accomplishments


This couse covered the following:

  • Writing XML
  • XML Document Object Model (XML-DOM)
  • XML Document Type Definitions (DTD)
  • XML Schema Definitions (XSD)
  • XML Technologies
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Asynchronous JavaScript & SML (AJAX)
  • Nested Arrays in JSON Objects
  • Creating Element Nodes

RWD Accomplishments


This couse covered the following:

  • Web Design Chalenges
  • Front-End Web Design Content
  • How to Use Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Grid Layout for Page Layout in Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design Frameworks
  • Creating Our Website Planning Worksheet
  • How to Use Bootstrap Framework
  • How to Use w3.CSS Framework
  • Front-End Web Design Lab

Portfolio Capstone

Final lab time for design and development of final twebsites.

  • During this final course, students create and design their personal websites by using w3.CSS and Bootstrap Frameworks.


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  • Maryland, United States
  • 1-301-840-6614
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